Over recent years, a huge problem of unwanted dogs has developed within West Yorkshire. Many of these dogs belong to a group loosely termed “status breeds” and they include Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Rottweilers, American Pitbulls and other Bull-dog breeds. While most owners of these type of dogs are very responsible, they can attract ownership from individuals who do not view dog ownership as a long-term responsibility.

For this reason, Gomersal based rehoming charity Yorkshire Rose are offering neutering vouchers for all “status breed” dogs. These vouchers entitle the owner of any Staffie to free neutering at a participating Veterinary Surgery.

At Donaldson’s Vets, we actively promote responsible dog ownership and so we fully approve of the scheme and are happy to participate in the neutering.

Neutering either a male or female dog can have several benefits.

Obviously birth control is an important reason. The Dog Wardens and Re-homing charities kennels are testament to the number of unwanted puppies which are born in Kirklees every year. Neutering dogs will decrease the number of unplanned litters which are born and so it should decrease the huge problem of unwanted puppies and older dogs.

In addition to the birth control aspect, neutering has other benefits. In bitches, it avoids messy seasons every 6 months, it eliminates the risk of ovarian cancer and pyometra (a very serious condition where the uterus fills with pus and infection and can be fatal if not treated properly). In male dogs, it often makes them more biddable and less aggressive, it eliminates the risk of testicular cancer and reduces the risk of prostate problems in later life.

The operation is a simple day-procedure. The dog is admitted to the surgery in the morning, has the procedure that morning and has usually slept off the anaesthetic and is ready to go home that evening. Rest is important for a few days after the procedure and stitches are usually removed after about 10 days.

To find out more information about the free Staffie Neutering Scheme contact any Donaldson’s Vets surgery or phone Yorkshire Rose directly on 07815 632871.