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The Yorkshire Vet is a long-running series following Vets undertaking their varied work treating animals across Yorkshire. The Yorkshire Vet follows the work of Julian Norton, Peter Wright and now our very own Matt Smith and David Melleney and Shona Searson and the rest of the team at the Donaldson’s Hospital. The Herriot style vets and their co- workers care for animals in rural communities across West and North Yorkshire, England.

Herriot’s books were turned into a major hit BBC and A&E drama series in the 80’s, All Creatures Great and Small, starring British actor Christopher Timothy who played James Herriot. The Yorkshire Vet captures the life of Vet in Yorkshire in 2020 where the same trials and tribulations that Herriot faced 80 years ago are married to cutting edge skills and facilities at the Donaldson’s Vets Hospital at Somerset Road, Huddersfield

Greg Barnett, Commissioning Editor Factual Entertainment at Channel 5 said “This is a spirited and inspiring series filled with incredible people, creatures and stories. One that makes you feel tingly and warm inside with every passing minute. It is something to look forward to every week in the Channel 5 schedule”

Paul Stead, who is co-Executive Producer of the show said “This show captures a style of veterinary services in decline. Most vets in the UK specialise in either small animals or livestock. James Herriot’s former practice is one of the few that really do still cater for all creatures great and small! So to go with all the fluffy pets we’ve some hard core coverage of raw, rural care provided by Julian and his team for farmers and their cattle and we’re making a no holds barred honest account of the work that they do”.

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Tuesday nights at 8pm on Channel 5. Catch up at my5.tv

It’s a Vet’s Life