Many people are understandably concerned about the prospect of a big Vet bill. Just as human health costs have increased year on year and put a strain on NHS budgets, paying for top-quality care for your pet does not come cheap either. As diagnostics, medical and surgical care continue to improve, financing that care can be a challenge.

As a pet owner, what can you do to allay those concerns and ensure that your loved pet can always receive the best care that they deserve?

Firstly, ensuring that your pet is well cared for, well exercised and well-fed is important. Fit pets are much less likely to become ill pets. Making sure that they have regular vaccinations that their other preventative healthcare needs are fully met will reduce the likelihood of your pet having a preventable illness.

As in human medicine, Veterinary Specialists usually don’t come cheap. Choosing a Vet Practice you trust and where your pet’s treatment can be provided within the Veterinary group rather than being referred for specialist care can be very important in maintaining the affordability of care.

Pet Insurance could step in and cover most of your Vet fees in the event of an accident or illness and is extremely important in having peace of mind with regard to costs. There are a huge number of Pet Insurance products on the market and navigating the choice available and choosing the right policy can be challenging.

Many Vets will do direct claims with certain Insurers. That means that rather than having to pay for your pet’s treatment up front, the Vet will claim the costs directly from the Insurance company. Policies will have different levels of cover, they may cover or exclude different elements of treatment and may have a different policy excess that you need to pay before the insurance kicks in.

Nobody likes to think of a time when their pet is not fit and well, but if it does happen, most people want to be able to focus all their attention on helping the pet back to full health. The burden of financial concern is a worry most people can well do without. While choosing an appropriate insurance product can be difficult, the reassurance associated with knowing that your pets health care needs are covered is hard to value.