Data Protection

Donaldson’s Vets will keep your personal information to be used for the benefit of your pets’ health and to update you on recommended treatments as well as any offers that we feel will be of benefit to you and your pet.

If you do not wish to be contacted by us please inform our reception who will note your wishes on your record.

Please note that if you do not wish to be contacted you will not receive vaccine reminders or other important reminders.

Your details are only passed on to third parties in order to maintain routine reminders (vaccinations or flea/worming treatment reminders) or, where necessary, to debt collection agencies. It may occasionally be necessary to forward your details on to other Veterinary organisations, for example in a referral situation, but this will normally follow a due discussion with you – the client.

You have the right to request a copy of your information. If you would like a copy of your information in order to allow us to update or correct it then please contact us at admin@donaldsonsvets.co.uk

Our website and Facebook page may link through to other websites of interest. Please note that if you use these links that Donaldson’s Vets has no control over third party websites and cannot be responsible for your privacy and protection or for the accuracy of any information on these sites.

We shall Document Information given to us by our clients for the purposes of treating their pets and livestock, communicating with the client about said treatment and invoicing for the work done.

This information shall include names, addresses, telephone numbers (both landline and mobile) and email addresses. We receive this information from the client at the same time as receiving consent for its use

We do not store Bank or credit card details.

Our information is shared with limited third parties for the purposes of issuing Vaccination & worming reminders, flea treatments, and sending out samples to external laboratories (SMS services, PetsApp, MWI Animal Health, Finn Pathologists, Batt laboratories Ltd, Idexx Laboratories, and Glasgow University,) health club discounts (SMS services, PetsApp & MWI Animal Health) and debt recovery agents (Waters & Gate)

We shall hold this information for the duration of time that a client remains a client of this practice and a minimum of a further seven years as befits best practice guidelines as suggested by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

GDPR allows a client the right to

  • Be informed about their information held with us.
  • Have access to the information held with us.
  • Rectify errors in any information held by us.
  • Erase certain information held by us.
  • Restrict the processing of any information held by us.
  • Object to the usage of their information in data programs.

We will comply with any reasonable request within a month.

We have the right to refuse to comply to any unreasonable or excessive requests and will explain this refusal to the individual concerned.

We do not process data held on individuals except where necessary for the benefits of the health of their animals (e.g. vaccination reminders)

Clients must consent to our use of their data for the aforementioned purposes and this consent will be gained when registering or updating client’s records