This week has been an interesting one at the Maple Street Surgery. In addition to the usual cats, dogs, hamsters, budgies, snakes and ferrets, we have been sharing the surgery with a collection of builders.

To stay at the forefront of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery, we are upgrading our kennels and theatres.

As any pet owners who use the Maple Street surgery will testify, the surgery is always busy. Being our emergency out of hours centre and being the site from which the large animal work is coordinated, the surgery is staffed and in use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so there is never a quiet time to do work on the building.

We have planned the work meticulously for the last 6 months and “hit the ground running” last Friday. With a highly organised team of builders, joiners, plumbers, electricians and flooring contractors, working late into the evenings and all weekend, the work is surging ahead as quickly as possible.

We have programmed the work so that we always have one room of kennels and at least one operating theatre available throughout the period but are restricting non-routine procedures this week.

By next week, if the schedule holds, we will have fully refurbished kennelling with separate cat and dog wards complete with a high spec resin floor for maximum sterility as well as new facilities to accommodate giant breed dogs in air-conditioned comfort. There will be new accommodation for exotic species.

In the theatres, we will have a new high sterility operating theatre with controlled air flow and lighting to allow operations to be conducted in the event of a power-cut. New surgical scrub facilities will have been installed to ensure maximum sterility. Digital dental radiography facilities will have been installed which are similar to those used by human dentists. All anaesthetic gasses will be piped into the theatres from a new cylinder store.

Though parts of the surgery currently look like a building site, the work is on schedule and the results will look outstanding and will ensure that Donaldsons Vets facilities are amongst the best in the region.