Time to say Goodbye

Should I have my pet put to sleep?

One of the most difficult decisions a pet owner may have to make is whether, or when, to have their pet put to sleep. However, when a pet’s quality of life has become affected as to raise the question of whether euthanasia should be performed, it can also be one of the kindest decisions that you as an owner can make on your pet’s behalf.

Each case can be discussed with one of our Vets and we will offer guidance, the final decision to have a pet put to sleep will always rest with the owner.
After the decision has been made, we ask the owner to sign a consent form to allow us to put an animal to sleep. This is a necessary legal formality.
You will have the option to stay with your pet or some owners prefer to leave their animal with us. Please speak to reception if you have any queries.

What happens after the animal has been put to sleep?

There are several options to consider after a pet has been put to sleep, a decision doesn’t have to be made straight away, we will look after your pet until you are able to decide. You can have time to think about what you would like to do and call us afterwards to make the arrangements.

    • It is possible to take your pet home after it has been put to sleep for burial in the garden.
    • We can arrange cremation at a pet crematorium. Usually pets are cremated together or if you prefer we can arrange an individual cremation at the crematorium. In this case the pet is cremated on its own and the ashes are returned for the owner to collect at the surgery. It can take 10 to 14 days for the ashes to be returned to us. Please see casket/urn options below and ask reception about pricing.
    • Some owners prefer to make their own arrangements with a pet crematorium – reception can let you know which local crematoriums offer this service.

After the loss of a pet

Our pets are family members and very special to us. Mourning the loss of a pet is perfectly normal and people are affected by this in different ways.
If you want to speak to someone after the loss of your pet there are organisations such as:
The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service: 0800 0966606.
If you have any concerns or worries, please do discuss them with us.

Follow the link to find help with helping your child cope with losing a pet.

Caskets & Urns – Please contact reception for further details and pricing

Following the sad loss of your pet, you can choose either the Traditional Casket or Bluebell Scattering Tube shown below, this offers you the opportunity to keep the ashes at home, inter them or scatter in a favourite place. We have examples of both the casket and scattering tube in the waiting room of each surgery. Please contact reception for further details & pricing.

Traditional Range

Traditional Casket

This natural wood casket has simple edging and is supplied with an engraved nameplate.

Bluebell Scattering Tube

The Scattering Tube is a simple, biodegradable container which will hold the ashes of your pet until scattering.

Every effort is taken to show the exact product at the time of publication. Product images shown are for illustration purposes only and products may vary in style, colour, texture or material. The crematorium that we use reserves the right to change product specifications and product descriptions at any time without notice.