Stray & Injured cats

I’ve found a stray cat what do I do?
  • If you find a healthy cat which you are worried may be lost or a stray, you can call your nearest Donaldsons Vets branch and we will be happy to scan the cat to check for a microchip, please ensure any cat transported to the vets needs to be in an appropriate carrier. If the cat is microchipped, we will contact the owners.
  • If the cat isn’t microchipped and providing the cat is healthy you will need to return the cat to the location where it was found. We would recommend putting a paper collar on the cat to try and locate the owner. Link to paper collars PDF 
  • Consider putting an advert on local Facebook groups to help locate the owner.
  • If the cat is noticeably injured or unhealthy, please contact the RSPCA immediately for a log number. The RSPCA Helpline number for the public is 0300 1234 999. The RSCPA’s policy states that in order to be eligible for initial emergency treatment (IET) the finder of an animal in distress MUST contact the RSPCA BEFORE they come to the practice. Whilst we appreciate the impracticalities of this, the process is set by the RSPCA, therefore we please ask that you contact the RSCPA before then contacting us to provide help. The RSCPA helpline will issue you with a log number for the case which you must note down. Please then contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements for you to bring the cat to one of our surgeries.
  • Useful websites/contact numbers:

From the 10th June 2024 it will be a legal requirement for any cat over the age of 20 weeks to be microchipped in England.