Farm Animal Services

Donaldson’s Vets Farm department

Farm animal work has been a keystone of Donaldson’s Vets since our creation over 100 years ago.

We provide services to farms of all sizes from smallholdings with a few pet sheep/goats/pigs up to large commercial dairy, beef and sheep farms. All of our clients, no matter how big or small, are considered an important part of our large animal family. Over the years, we have continually innovated and evolved the services we provide to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients.

The services we offer:

  • Our own 24/7 out of hours emergency service
  • Routine fertility visits using ultrasound scanners for dairy and beef cattle
  • Bull fertility testing
  • Ram vasectomies
  • De-horning and castration
  • Surgery on-farm (twisted stomach procedures, enucleation, digit amputation)
  • Herd health plans
  • Postmortem examinations
  • Export and slaughter certificates
  • Farmers meetings throughout the year
  • TB testing

Please feel free to give us a call at any of our branches to discuss any of these services, or any other service you may require. We do a lot so we can’t list them all here!


Many of our farms are now benefitting from our herd health service and these plans are now becoming more and more of a requirement for certain schemes such as Farm Assurance.

You will have one of our experienced vets come out to your farm and discuss your needs and expectations, your long and short term goals, and as a result, we will implement a plan tailor-made for your farm.


The aim is to provide a written, tailored guideline to improve productivity and welfare on the farm. Much of this is centred on the prevention and reduction of diseases such as reducing parasite burdens and preventing infectious diseases. The process involves a couple of hours of discussion about the general management on the farm and highlights any issues which need to be addressed. Following this, we will prepare a full written document, which will be reviewed at agreed time periods.

This does not mean there will be unrealistic pressure for investment, all our plans are tailor-made for each farm and each farmer’s circumstances. We do them because we see results and we are sure you will see them too.