Equine Services

Our Equine Services Include:


  • Our own 24/7 out of hours emergency service
  • Routine vaccinations
  • Passport and micro-chipping
  • 2 and 5 stage pre-purchase vetting
  • Lameness examinations and work ups
  • Standing castration
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital x-ray
  • Worming advice and worm egg counts done in-house
  • Dental work including sedation for procedures

Donaldson’s Vets have been caring for horses in and around Huddersfield for over 100 years. Our equine team offer an ambulatory service for both routine and non-routine care. We provide our own 24-hour emergency service so if the worst should happen, you can be confident that your horse will be cared for by a familiar face.

We provide advice on vaccinations, exercise and nutrition. We have facilities to assess your horse for parasites and advise on appropriate treatment.

If your horse is lame, we have facilities to come to your yard and conduct a full lameness examination including X rays and nerve blocks.

We can provide a holistic approach to your horse’s dental needs and are able to administer sedation, conduct a dental examination and carry out the necessary dental treatment.

Our experienced Equine Vets can conduct pre-purchase examinations so that you can buy your new horse with confidence.

We are able to run many diagnostic tests in our own laboratory allowing for fast turnaround of test results and more complex tests can be sent to specialist laboratories.