Information for owners on overnight care of their pets

Where possible we try and treat your animals so that they can receive medications you can give at home, however, in some scenarios your pet may need to be admitted for overnight care with Donaldson’s Vets. The veterinary surgeons may deem this necessary if your pet needs to receive intravenous fluids or medication, potent pain medications or constant veterinary supervision. We are very fortunate to be able to offer our own out of hours service to our clients. This ensures you and your pets receive continuity of care, less travelling and access to all previous clinical history. 

If your pet needs to stay overnight they will be transported using one of our company vehicles to our 24 hour surgery on Somerset Road, Almondbury. The veterinary surgeon looking after your pet will inform the nursing team and the on call vet about your pet and will discuss with them the treatment plan. The 24 hour surgery will have access to all of your pet’s previous veterinary history. 

Our emergency hours run from 7:30pm to 7:30am and the team consists of at least two registered veterinary nurses who are on site at all times, and two on call veterinary surgeons. The veterinary surgeons are available to come into the practice at any time when phoned by the nursing team and may stay on site all night if deemed necessary. The nursing team are given the opportunity for rest periods between 12am and 6am with a compulsory patient check at 3am; however they are always available throughout the night to give medications, answer any phone calls and to check on patients as often as the veterinary surgeon deems necessary. 

The Somerset Road out of hour’s surgery has a range of facilities to enable your pets recovery to health and to make their stay as stress free as possible. We have separate dogs, cats and exotics ward. We also have an ICU for critically ill patients and an isolation ward for patients that may have contagious diseases. We have large walk in kennels with mattress beds for our larger dogs, vivarium’s for some exotic species and a quiet cat ward with cat hides to keep our feline patients calm. We have modern diagnostic facilities and patient monitoring equipment available at all times. We have the facilities to be able to perform emergency surgeries at any time of the night, however sometimes the veterinary surgeons might make the decision to stabilise your pet beforehand. 

The veterinary surgeon originally looking after your pet will come to the out of hours surgery between 8am and 9am the following morning to reassess your patient. They will speak to you over the phone and discuss your pets progress and make a decision with you about your pets treatment plan going forwards. 

If you have any more questions about our out of hours emergency service please ask any members of our team on 01484421512