Home Visits

In the vast majority of circumstances, pets are best cared for in the surgery setting where the veterinary surgeon has access to the full range of medicines, equipment and facilities available for every eventuality, particularly in emergencies.

We do understand that in some situations, you may wish to ask for a veterinary surgeon to visit your home. Donaldson’s Vets will always do our best to accommodate your wishes. However, there may be some circumstances when it is not possible to send a veterinary surgeon and nurse away from the surgery where (for example) there may be critically ill or injured patients present, or where the condition of the patient means that safe and effective care cannot be appropriately provided in the location requested.

In the event of such a situation arising, we may be unable to attend and will advise you that this is the case. We will always make arrangements to see your pet at our surgery promptly and may be able to offer advice on transport options if needed.