Administering Injectable Medications at home


If your pet has been prescribed injectable medication, you will be given a 20- 30-minute consultation with the vet or nurse to demonstrate and practice injecting on a soft toy.

We will demonstrate how to:

  1. Store the injectable medication
  2. Draw up the correct amount of medication safely
  3. Administer the medication to your pet
  4. Safely discard of the sharps and syringes

Insulin must be always stored in the fridge.

Some useful websites and videos:

About diabetes mellitus in cats:

Injecting your cat:

We can clip an area on the back of your pets neck to help you get used to injecting your pet. This makes sure you can see the needle going into the skin correctly. Please ask the vet or nurse if you would like this doing.

Disposal of needles

Needles must be disposed of in a specific sharps container for health and safety reasons. One of these containers will be provided with you by the practice at your first appointment.