fennel photo

It is hard to believe that our litter of Labrador puppies are 8 weeks old and are now settling in to their new homes.

Blossom had 8 puppies in this litter, 3 bitches and 5 dogs and we have thoroughly enjoyed having them. The weather has been warm and mostly dry over these last few weeks which has meant they have been able to enjoy long periods of time out in the garden. It has been amazing to see that in the last few weeks, they have decided where the “toilet” end of the patio should be and that it should be well away from the “dining” end of the patio.

Many of the new owners had decided on a name several weeks ago and so we have been able to call for them by name and many of them do recognise their names already. The new owners have been concerned that we are going to miss the pups when they go and there is no doubt that the house will be quieter but we can see that the pups are now ready for some one-to-one attention which is very difficult to give when there are 8 appealing little pairs of eyes pleading that they are the one to be stroked.

The household will not be returning entirely to its pre-puppy order as we have decided to keep one of the puppies. We have always held the ambition of keeping a puppy that we have bred, and as our two dogs are 5 and 3 years old, we have decided that now should be the time.

Her name is Fennel and she has her mum’s beautiful eyes. We are going to have to be careful that she does not always get her own way as one flash of her eyelids and it is easy to cave in, but we are really pleased with her. As her competition for our attention has gradually gone off to their new homes, she can’t believe her luck that she has us to herself. She has been clean overnight for the last 3 nights which is fantastic at just 8 weeks old. Although she still wants to feed from Blossom, the needle sharp puppy teeth mean that Blossom is not keen to reciprocate, and Fennel is starting to learn that there is no point in continuing to try to persuade her mum. First inoculations are underway and our son can’t wait to start lead training in the garden over the next few weeks until her vaccine immunity is complete and she is safe to take for a little walk.