It has been a big week for one of our youngest pets Lily, owned by Robert White. The Border Terrier pup is just over ten months old and Robert decided it was time for her to be speyed. Depending on the circumstances, he tends to advise allowing puppies go through just one heat before having the procedure, as speying helps to reduce the risk of mammary tumours if it is carried out while the bitch is still young.

Leading by example, Robert allowed Lily to go through her first heat in the summer – much to the delight of some of the local dogs when they spotted her in the woods and had to be restrained!

He performed the operation himself on Friday morning (October 21st) and it all went “exceptionally well”. She was looked after by the nurses at Thongsbridge when she came around from the op and then taken home later that afternoon for a spot of pampering.

Robert’s wife Wendy had even bought Lily a new sheepskin bed and placed it next to the Aga to make sure it was nice and cosy.  She was rather sore for the rest of the evening and much quieter than normal, but that’s to be expected following such big operations.

The next morning Robert went out to work and returned home prepared to be in Lily’s bad books. But he needn’t have worried, because as soon as he walked through the door she skipped over to him and was as affectionate as always. Later that afternoon Lily was showing such good signs of improvement that Robert and Wendy decided to take her for a short walk, which she coped with incredibly well and without any complaints.

By Sunday Lily was almost back to her usual self and even managed to walk down the stairs when Robert’s back was turned (after happily allowing him to carry her everywhere for the past few days).

Robert says: “I’m really pleased with the way Lily has recovered so quickly from the op, but it’s important to remember that the wound can take some time to heal, so make sure your dog takes it easy in the weeks following the procedure.”