Tia theatre

Since it was founded back in 1997, Tia Rescue has become one of the best known and respected dog rescue charities in the North of England. They specialise in rehoming Greyhounds and Heavy Horses such as Shire Horses and Clydesdales. I am proud to say that Donaldsons vets have taken over all of the Veterinary work for the charity.

For the last several years, Tia Rescue has been based on the outskirts of Halifax but within the last couple of months, they have moved to new premises outside Doncaster and, to support the work that they do, Donaldsons Vets have set up an on-site operating suite for their rescue dogs.

The new site at Doncaster has a huge amount of potential. Already, a brand new kennel block for 60 dogs has been constructed, and with a further 2 kennel blocks in the pipeline, Tia will have sufficient accommodation for nearly 200 dogs. There will be an on-site cafe and nature walks for people to enjoy in addition to accommodation for the horses.

In their Halifax base, Tia rehomed between 200 and 250 dogs per year so with the larger kennel capacity in Doncaster, they hope to be able to help many more dogs.

Greyhounds make great family pets. They are extremely gentle dogs and many people are surprised at how little exercise they need. They are, obviously, very fast runners and, with their thin skin, they can be prone to injuring themselves, but they are basically rather lazy restful dogs.

The surgical suite is nearly complete. In addition to the high sterility theatre, we also have a dental theatre and 4 large recovery kennels where dogs can be monitored after surgery. We also have further scope for the future with two further examination and treatment rooms. The facility is nearly ready to open and we will be sending a Vet and Nurse team on a regular basis to man the surgical suite.

It is great to support Tia Rescue and the great work that they do.

Tia will be holding an open day at the new premises on 30 August and Donaldsons will be on hand to take guided tours of the brand new Veterinary Facility. Everyone is welcome and further details can be found at www.tia-rescue.org