IMG_3111Is Rehoming or Rescuing right for you?

As you will have seen from my recent columns, Donaldson’s Vets are working closely with TIA Greyhound Rescue. We are currently sending a Vet and nurse team, on a regular basis, to Tia’s rehoming centre in Doncaster to treat the rescue dogs prior to rehoming.

We also work alongside other local charities such as West Yorkshire Dog Rescue, Independent Cat Rescue, Heron Bank Rescue, Prospect Ferret rescue and the Retired Greyhounds Trust as well as local branches of national charities such as the RSPCA and Cats Protection.

We assist these charities with emergency care for their animals as well as routine neutering and health care and advice and support for disease prevention and daily care.

The aim of many of these charities is to rehome animals from situations of need or where their welfare has been compromised and place them in new (hopefully) better homes where they will receive the care and attention that they have often been lacking.

Here again we try to assist by advising and discussing with potential new owners or foster carers. Matching the right pet with the right owner is essential. We are always willing to provide advice as to the suitability of certain species or breeds or which pet might best fit into a potential new owner’s situation.

With this in mind we will be arranging a ‘Rehoming afternoon’ where we can try to introduce our existing charities with any potential new homes and also meet and discuss and advise anyone considering a new pet as to their suitability, or which breed to go for.

We will have representatives on hand from dog, cat and even ferret rescues to discuss their needs and requirements.

This afternoon session will be this Saturday, October 10th at 12-3pm at our Mirfield Surgery on Queen Street, Mirfield ( WF14 8AH for Sat-Nav users) and all are welcome to come in for a chat.

So if you are considering a new pet, or would like to discuss any issues with our staff or the local charities then please come along.