vaccine imageNew emerging strains of one of the most common and potentially deadly dog diseases –Leptospirosis – have prompted us at Donaldson’s Vets to launch a new vaccination policy in a bid to protect the local dog population from this and other fatal diseases.

Leptospirosis is a widespread disease which is carried by rodents such as the rat and other animals. It is a serious disease that infects dogs, and even people, potentially fatal to both. It is passed via an infected animal’s urine or from contaminated water, so almost any dog that goes outside is at risk. Following infection, some dogs become long-term carriers that whilst appearing healthy, can put others at risk of disease. However, the good news is that like Parvovirus the disease can be prevented by vaccination. In recent years, more strains of Leptospirosis have appeared so we are now using a new vaccine  that provides higher levels of protection against four strains of leptospirosis, rather than just two strains covered by traditional vaccines. This vaccine also helps to protect the local dog population and environment by preventing the spread of this disease via dogs’ urine.

Parvovirus is a highly contagious and particularly nasty disease that can kill a puppy or dog within two to three days of the symptoms first being noticed. Vaccination is the only effective way of preventing parvovirus and over the years different strains of the disease have emerged. As a result Donaldson’s is now offering pet owners this new dog vaccine that covers the most common type of Parvovirus in the UK.

As well as dog owners benefiting from this up-to-date vaccine, there is also good news for puppy owners as this vaccine can be used in puppies as young as six weeks of age, if needed. This means puppies can be protected from deadly viral disease as early as nine weeks of age.

Vaccination is the only way to protect your dog from serious diseases like parvovirus and leptospirosis, as well as distemper, hepatitis and parainfluenza. Many of these diseases are sadly still around and are very difficult to treat and often fatal, so prevention through vaccination is vital. We continue to see outbreaks of these diseases in our area that could easily have been prevented by vaccination, so we would urge local dog owners to come and have their pets vaccinated.