With Easter behind us and Spring in the air, thoughts turn to planning the summer holiday. Whether you are considering a “Staycation” here in the UK or heading abroad, plans inevitably need to include some provision for the family pet.

Holidaying in the UK is an increasingly common choice. Many hotels and bed and breakfast providers allow for the family dog to come with you and there are some excellent guide books which suggest dog-friendly accommodation. If you are thinking of a camping or caravanning holiday your dog can easily join you.

If you are heading overseas, then your pet need not be excluded. The pet passport scheme allows you to take your pet to most European countries without any quarantine requirements. Although the scheme has been radically simplified since January, some forward planning is still required as the process of issuing a valid passport takes a couple of weeks. Consulting your Vet for advice at an early stage is essential.

If you cannot include your pet in your holiday plans then organising care for them while you are away needs to be planned early. You may be fortunate enough to have friends or family who will look after your pet or you may need to look at boarding kennels or catteries. The best boarding kennels and catteries get booked up very early, especially during the school holidays so booking early is essential. View the kennels or cattery to make certain that you are happy with the quality of the accommodation and care that your pet will receive. Contact your Vet for advice about any vaccinations that may be required.

A final option would be to organise a house sitter. This is not a cheap option and again, house sitters tend to get booked up early so planning is essential, however this option does allow your pets to stay in their own home while you are away and this may be less unsettling for them.