Stray and Injured Dogs

I’ve found a stray dog what do I do?
  • If you find a dog and it is friendly and approachable, try and secure the dog whilst you locate the owner, this may be with a lead, in a dog crate, car or secure garden. Please be aware that dogs can react in different ways outside of their normal environment or in stressful situations. So please consider your personal safety.
  • Once secured, check for an ID tag and then contact the owners direct to advise that you have found their dog.
  • Consider putting an advert on local Facebook groups to help locate the owner.
  • If the dog isn’t wearing a collar you can call your nearest Donaldsons vets branch and we will be happy to scan the dog to checks its microchip.
  • If the dog is microchipped, we will contact the owners to arrange for the dog to be collected. If the microchip details are not up to date or the dog is not microchipped, then we will make contact with Kirklees Dog Warden to arrange for the dog to be collected.
  • Dog warden details: 01484 502216 (8am-10pm) Kirklees or 01422 288001 (9am-5pm) Calderdale
  • In the case of an illness or injury we will normally admit the dog for emergency treatment/pain relief whilst we try to locate the owner. Treatment will be based on the nature of the dog’s illness or injury, and this will always be in the best interest of the dogs welfare.

It’s a legal requirement to have any dog over the age of eight weeks microchipped in England