Instructions for referring veterinary surgeons


We offer a speedy and efficient referral service for colleagues dealing with problem skin cases.


Facilities are available for the investigation and treatment of all types of skin disease including intradermal skin testing.


A full written history, or a copy of the clinical notes, is required as are all relevant laboratory reports.


Ideally treatment should be withdrawn at least 7 days before the first appointment. If this is an issue please get in touch.


Referring veterinary surgeons are sent a prompt written report after each examination.


To refer a case – or for some friendly advice – please telephone 01484421512.


Necrotizing panniculitis with secondary bacterial infection


Patient before treatment

Patient after treatment




Instructions for owners of referred pets


If your pet has an ongoing skin problem your vet may feel that referral for in depth investigation and treatment is the best way forward. Your own veterinary surgeon will contact us with your details and we will then ring you to make a Dermatology Referral appointment.


If you have any queries prior to your first appointment please telephone  01422 833960.


Cases are usually seen on weekday mornings or afternoons. The first appointment will last 90 minutes.


Juvenile onset generalised pustular demodicosis

Atopy in a Newfoundland – 95% of atopic dogs can be managed with little or no requirement for steriods




Ideally all treatments should cease at least 7 days before your first appointment. In this way we can see the disease as it really is, not modified by medications. Your own veterinary surgeon will advise on how any existing medicines should be withdrawn. If this is an issue please get in touch.


No food should be given after 7pm the day before your appointment. Animals more recently fed may not be able to have any necessary tests, sedation or anaesthesia. If this is a problem, a diabetic cat or dog for instance, please speak to your own vet. Access to water should not be stopped.


Please see our location map for directions.


Intradermal skin testing

Feline food allergy




Most cases are seen on an outpatient basis. Others may be admitted for further tests or treatment.


Your own veterinary surgeon will be sent a comprehensive written report after each examination.


We are happy to give an estimate of the likely costs.


Payment should be made at the time of consultation/treatment. We accept cash, cheques, debit cards and most credit cards. Direct payment to Donaldson’s Vets by your insurance company may be possible providing the claim has been either pre-authorised by your insurance company or reviewed by one of our management staff. Please note that clients are liable for full payment in the rare event of any refusal of payment by a pet insurance company or any other third party.




Procedure for direct insurance claims [PDF]


Please check our Terms and Conditions of Business for further information.