There are seven Vet Schools in the UK who train the next generation of young vets. The entry requirements for the Veterinary Degree Course are some of the most competitive of any course currently with around 20 applicants for every place. Gaining exceptional A level results is no longer a guarantee of getting into vet school as most of those 20 applicants will have straight A’s at A-level.

As well as term-time studying, veterinary students have to undertake voluntary work in General Practice and at this time of year, as the Universities around the country break up for summer holidays, we have an influx of Vet Students coming to “See Practice”.

Many traditional Veterinary Practices have stopped doing Farm and Equine work and so the student’s experiences can be limited whereas because we always have vets out on the road as well as at the Surgeries, we are popular with students.

Observing an experienced vet provides a vital supplement to the knowledge gained during term time. Several students come back to us each holiday through-out their degree and it is interesting to see them grow in knowledge and confidence over the years. Having a student in theatre or in the consulting room can also be stimulating for the vet as the questions the students ask can help to keep the vet on his toes. Generations of vet students have opened farm gates for the vet to drive through when out on calls.

Many of our vets who have worked in the practice for years were first introduced to Donaldson’s Vets during their degree when they spent the summer with us “Seeing Practice”.