Pre-Operation Advice



  • Cats, dogs and ferrets only need to be starved for 8 hours so we are advising owners to feed a last meal around bedtime (10pm-midnight) This is to prevent excess stomach acid building up which can cause vomiting and prevent patients from wanting to eat post-operatively.
  • Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters and Exotics (or any animal that is not a carnivore) should not be starved at all.
  • Water should be left down as normal and does not need to be taken away at any point.
  • Owners please walk your dog as normal on the morning of the operation so that they can pass urine and faeces, they tend to have a more comfortable stay with us if they have had this opportunity. (Many owners do not consider this and dogs often pass a full bladder of urine and faeces in the kennel after admission or during the operation which can compromise sterility)
  • If the patient is receiving daily medication for an ongoing condition (pain relief/antibiotics/heart/kidney/epilepsy meds etc) please confirm with a vet if the medication should be given on the morning of the operation or not.
  • Bitch Spays –the admitting nurse will ask when your bitch was last in season and if possible, the date the season ended, usually 3 months after the season but is completely case by case dependant, determined at the time of admit.
  • We will request a phone number that you will be contactable on, please give that to the nurse.

Any problems call us on 01484 421512