This week has been a very distressing week for everyone at the Maple Street Surgery as we have had to deal with two dogs which died very suddenly after a suspected poisoning while out on a walk.

On Saturday afternoon, the owner was walking his two dogs in Hall Heys Wood between Meltham and South Crosland. Both dogs were very suddenly taken ill and started convulsing. The owner called his wife, who met them in the car and they were immediately rushed to the surgery but were pronounced dead on arrival.

It all happened very suddenly and the owners of the dogs were absolutely distraught. Both dogs were young, fit and healthy and so there was immediately a strong suspicion that they had eaten something poisonous.

Post-mortem examinations were carried out on the dogs and samples have been sent for toxicology reports to establish cause of death. The area has been searched but nothing has been found. West Yorkshire Police and Natural England have been informed and are carrying out investigations into the incident.

Our Vets and the owner of the dogs remain concerned about the possibility of further animals being affected. If a wild animal were to consume the poison, it could be that the original source is spread over a wider area and it is a popular area for dog walkers.

Please be careful when walking your dogs in the area. Seek immediate Veterinary attention if you think your pet may have come into contact with anything suspicious or comes into direct contact with any dead wildlife in the area. If you see anything suspicious or know anything that may assist, please contact Donaldsons Vets on 01484 421512 or Dc Bryan Butterworth who is the West Yorkshire Police Wildlife Crime Officer on 01484 436565