With the summer solstice looming, many of us are making plans for our summer holidays and it is important to make plans for the family pet.

With ”staycations” becoming more popular, many of us are choosing to holiday in the UK and take our pets with us but for many, it will be a time when we have to put the cat into a cattery or the dog into kennels. Often, this is the only time in the year when pet and owner are parted and it can be a stressful time for both.

Choosing the right kennels or cattery can be very important to ensure your pet enjoys their summer break as much as you do. There are a great many kennels and catteries in the area and so it pays to look into what is on offer closely.

Most establishments will be happy to show you around if you ask them for an appointment. Obviously you want to check the quality and cleanliness of the accommodation. Will your pet have the privacy they may need? If your pet is on regular medication or a special diet can the kennels or cattery deal with that? Who will be looking after your pet and how experienced are they? Does someone live on-site and if not, what time is the last check performed at night and the first check in the morning?

What procedures do the kennels or cattery have in place if your animal should become ill? At Donaldson’s Vets, we provide Veterinary services for the majority of the kennels and catteries in the area but you should make sure that you are comfortable with the Veterinary Practice used by your chosen kennels or cattery.

Finally cost does play a part in the decision of which cattery or kennels to use. Running a kennels or cattery is a competitive business but the level of service and quality of the accommodation can vary considerably and so the fees charged can vary. Some establishments can now offer double glazing, rooms with TV’s and top-up cuddles and walks although the costs can start to mount for that level of service and you may feel that you want to leave enough in your bank account for the odd ice-cream while you are away!

Having chosen your kennels or cattery, next week I hope to talk about the healthcare preparations your pet will need before their summer trip.