After what seems like weeks of clearing up after puppies, our house is starting to get back to normal. Five of the six puppies have gone to their new homes and we just have one puppy left who is still looking for a home.

Our adult dogs have come out of hiding now that the majority of the puppies have stopped rampaging round the kitchen and the one remaining puppy can receive much more in the way of one to one attention now the marauding pack has been disbanded.

The puppies have become much more robust in the last couple of weeks and the process of searching for homes began a couple of weeks ago. Being a registered breeder, we were able to advertise the puppies on the Kennel Club website. The site is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking for a new dog. There is a wealth of information for the prospective new dog owner. All puppies are advertised according to their breed and location. We have had enquiries for puppies from across the North of England.

Dog ownership can give a huge amount of pleasure but is also a commitment, both in terms of time and finance. Owning a puppy and working full time is probably not possible without the help of friends or family and so we were very selective in who we were happy to take one of our puppies. Having formed such a bond with the puppies in the first 8 weeks of their life, we wanted to be certain that they all went to the good homes that they deserve.

Of the puppies that have gone to new homes, some have gone to families and some to couples, some have stayed locally and some have gone further afield, but the common factor has been the joy that people have had when collecting their new puppy. The excitement on the faces of both adults and children has made all the hard work seem worthwhile.