As Cycling mania descends on Yorkshire and Huddersfield in particular, the whole region seems to have gone into overdrive to prepare for Le Grand Depart. Flower planters have appeared on the ring road, yellow sprayed bikes festoon pubs and front gardens along the route and street sweepers have been seen on country roads that have never been swept in decades. The whole region is spruced up and braced for the worldwide media focus that follows Le Tour de France.

Behind the scenes, the organisers of The Grand Depart have done a huge amount of planning and preparation and the system of road closures traffic diversions and Park and Ride facilities should ease the strain on the transport network as up to 1 million spectators are anticipated along the route.

Unfortunately calving  cows, injured horses and sick pets are as likely to present on “Tour de France weekend” as any other day in the year and so, despite the inevitable traffic problems, Donaldson’s Vets are providing the usual 24 hour emergency service, here in Huddersfield,  over the coming weekend.

We anticipate that moving around the region is going to be difficult and time consuming and so we have additional staff on duty at the Maple Street Surgery over the weekend to cope. We will continue to endeavour to visit farm and equine emergencies but ask that wherever possible, clients try to bring their emergencies to the Maple Street surgery to maximise the time our emergency Vets can spend treating animals and minimise the time they spend in traffic jams.

Our Huddersfield based emergency service is manned 365 days a year to deal with the emergency cases from our client base. Most other Veterinary Practices in the area use out-of-hours providers that may be as far away as Halifax, Dewsbury or even Leeds. As a result, we often get requests from customers of other Vet Practices to see their emergency cases because the journey would take too long. With tens of thousands of extra visitors to Huddersfield this weekend, it may be all but impossible to travel to an emergency centre 20 or 30 miles away.

At Donaldson’s, we feel it is important that animal owners select their Veterinary Provider carefully to ensure that the Practice will provide for all their pet’s needs. Emergencies do happen and need to be planned for. Rest assured, this weekend as always, the Donaldson’s team are ready to help should you need us.