Kennel Cough appears to be on the rise in the Huddersfield area at the moment, coinciding with peak kenneling season and more dogs interacting when out on walks/in the park etc. Kennel Cough (also known as Infectious Laryngotracheitis) is a very infectious and easily transmissible disease and is not only contracted in kennels (as the name would suggest) so even if you are not going away this summer your dog could still be at risk.

To help to combat this rise in what can be a very serious illness Donaldson & Partners is offering 25% off your pet’s Kennel Cough Vaccination. If you have had your dog’s annual booster at Donaldson & Partners within the last 12 months then you are eligible for this offer.

Offer ends 30th September 2011 so call your surgery to book your appointment today!