As vets, we often find ourselves at the non-glamorous end of an ill animal. When leaving for work every morning, I always make sure that I have a complete change of clothes with me in the car because you can never be sure what sort of state you will get into throughout the course of the day.

So when we agreed a couple of weeks ago to let cameras into the surgery, it was with a sense of trepidation.

We have seen a steady increase in the flow of website traffic using our donaldsonsvets.co.uk and facebook pages over the last year or so. We wanted to be able to tell our clients about our history, workload and facilities that the practice has to offer but we wanted to avoid a very lengthy section of text which might not be very readable so we came up with the idea of embedding some video footage into the site.

We arranged for the film crew to come at the end of morning surgery and they followed us around for a few hours filming us as we worked. Some of our vets and nurses saw an opportunity to grab the limelight and were very keen to be filmed while some hid in the background and waited until the coast was clear!

Next the cameras were taken out on farm and horse visits to capture some outdoor action before returning to the surgery for Lisa our Practice Manager to do the voiceover.

After a few days of editing and revisions, the finished product was ready to upload to the website where it can be viewed by all our clients. We think it is a useful summary of the services we offer. What do you think? You can comment on our facebook page or call us with feedback.