dental X rayOne of the benefits of being part of a larger Veterinary Group is that we have a number of vets with special interests in certain areas of veterinary medicine or surgery. The ethos of Donaldson’s has always been to ensure that all of our Vets can turn their hand to all aspects of Veterinary work but inevitably, while medicine and surgery become more advanced and specialized, individual clinicians will develop a deeper knowledge in some areas of special interest.

Within the Practice, we tend to refer some specialist cases to the Vets who are most suited to deal with them. This provides a high standard of care and also maintains and grows the knowledge and experience of the Vet.

We also try to ensure that the knowledge is disseminated from the Vet with the special interest to the other Vets within the Practice. We do this by holding regular “Clinical Club” meetings. One such meeting was held at our Birchencliffe Surgery last Thursday.

After evening surgery finished at 7.00pm, the waiting room was transformed into a lecture theatre. Vets, nurses and receptionists from across the group met for a bite of pizza and two clinical lectures given by two of our vets on areas of special interest they hold.

Celeste Lopez Plantey is a Vet who has recently joined our Practice having worked alongside one of the most respected Veterinary Dentistry specialists in the country. While able to tackle all aspects of mixed veterinary practice, Celeste has a special interest in dentistry and she gave a fascinating lecture on dental X-rays and advanced tooth extraction techniques.

Celeste’s lecture was followed by a lecture from Vet Rhona Warnock who works at the Animal Rehabilitation Centre at Birchencliffe Surgery. Rhona is fully qualified in Veterinary Acupuncture and she gave a most interesting lecture on the science behind acupuncture and its clinical applications.

The evening proved to be a great educational and team bonding exercise, and helped to raise awareness of these advances among all the clinical staff.