Bramble, our 3 year old black Labrador’s puppies are 6 weeks old now. They are growing at a phenomenal rate. Each day, I leave for work in the morning and I am sure that they are larger and more energetic when I get home than when I left.

Bramble is incredibly proud of her 6 puppies and is always attentive, but her enthusiasm for feeding the puppies has gradually declined as their tooth length has increased. Now that the puppies’ canine teeth have emerged her enthusiasm has diminished even further. We started the puppies on cereal and puppy milk about 3 weeks ago and now they are eating complete puppy biscuits with huge enthusiasm. As their solids intake has increased, the work involved in keeping them on clean bedding has increased exponentially.

Around the time that the puppies started eating solids, we moved their bed into the kitchen so that they had lots of social contact and over the Christmas period, when our house was busy with visitors, the puppies had lots of socialisation from visitors old and young.

Mostly, the puppies spend their time in a pen in the kitchen which keeps them safe and warm and controls where they toilet. When we get them out of the pen, their characters shine through as they investigate the kitchen. The world is a fascinating place as they start to explore and understand their surroundings. Initially, they were attracted to the kitchen chairs and would stand under them trying to suckle from the underside of the seat. They also tried to suckle from our 1 year old chocolate Labrador, Blossom, much to her amusement. Now they hide behind table legs and pounce out to ambush their siblings.

With only 2 or 3 weeks until the puppies can go off to their new homes, they get to be more and more fun every day.