Over 25 years after leaving university, Robert White is heading back to the classroom. He’s one of just 30 vets in the country to have earned a place on the prestigious BSAVA Postgraduate Certificate in Small Animal Surgery.

The course lasts for at least three years and involves attending regular lectures and seminars, as well as completing a series of assessments and coursework. Robert will be learning about more complex techniques and new advances in veterinary surgery, which he will be able to share with other vets at the practice.

He says: “I know there’s a lot of hard work ahead for the next few years, but I’m really enjoying being back in an academic environment. People have come from all over the country to take part in the course, with a couple of vets even flying in from Europe for each seminar. It’s great to share knowledge with some of the best in the profession and I hope to be able to pass this on to my colleagues over the years ahead. “